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My work with the SophiaViva resources

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Detailed information about frequency chords, alcohol extracts, essential oils and colloids, as well as access to the online store

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The foundation of harmonies

Immunomodulation and symbiosis with germs

Frequency chords

The SophiaViva frequency chords have become the most important part of my daily therapeutic work.


The intended modulation of the immune system – or immunomodulation for short – is the first and most important treatment step. Step 2, the restoration of symbiosis with germs is also based mainly on frequency chords, as well as on the mixtures of herbal extracts in alcohol and mixtures of essential oils.

For standard application for patients is suitable spray. Ampoules are designed for therapists for testing purposes or energetic applications.


I basically apply the frequency chords to my patients 2 x day a spray into one side of the nose or throat.


Frequency chords are food and include the application also as mouth spray. Chemically, they consist of water and 0.9% Himalayan salt and are each handmade based on the original substances.


Application as a spray into the nose is an off-label use under the responsibility of the therapist. Through the nasal mucosa we reach the central nervous system in the fastest way.

If used twice a day, one vial will last about 3-4 weeks. In principle, frequency chords can be taken more often.


Frequency chord sprays do NOT replace vaccination! If you want immune protection through vaccination, please be sure to talk to your doctor!

If you wish to have children or during pregnancy and breastfeeding, I use the frequency chords after careful examination.

Frequency chords please always keep out of reach of children and protect from heat and sunlight.

In harmony of the orchestra

The symphony of symbiosis

Complex chords

With the complex chord we put the different instrument groups together to form a complete orchestra. All instrument groups vibrate together and form a unity.

In each piece of music we hear different facets of this unity, depending on our mood, our condition, our own vibration.

In the concept of ImmuneSymbiosis we choose 1, 2 or 3 complex chords, like the movements of a piece of music, and thus create a symphony.

1.Movement – Immunmodulation
Excessive or absent immune responses produce our symptoms.
Chronic diseases are almost without exception diseases of the immune system.


2.Movement – Symbiose
The basic cause of these misdirected immune reactions lies in the disturbed regulation of the immune system. Germs are symbiotically involved in this regulation and probably contribute 99% genetic control. This part of the immune system is damaged and defective.


3.Movement – Interference fields and inflammatory foci
Need special support in the restoration of symbiosis.


4.Movement – Regeneration
of the affected systems in the organism.

Disclaimer and legal notice

The contents of these pages are not healing statements. The diagnosis and therapy of diseases and other physical disorders requires treatment by physicians|, non-medical practitioners| or other therapists|. The information on these pages is only informative, it should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. The risk associated with an incorrect diagnosis or treatment can only be reduced by the involvement of a therapist|in. Like any science, medicine is constantly evolving. Research and clinical experience expand our knowledge, especially with regard to treatment and drug therapy. As far as on these sides an application, dosage or a certain medical or nourish-therapeutic procedure is mentioned, no guarantee can be taken over. The authors explicitly assume no responsibility for printing errors. It is the responsibility of each user to determine, by careful examination and, if necessary, after consultation with a specialist, whether the recommendations and guidelines given are applicable in the specific case. Any dosage, application or therapy is at the user’s own risk.