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Welcome to Kaufbeuren

Patient at the SophiaHealth Institute

We look forward to welcoming you as a patient at the SophiaHealth Institute and thank you in advance for your great trust in our work.

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The SophiaHealth© Institute in Kaufbeuren, Germany, is committed to research, development and integration of complementary healing methods as described in the books of Ariane Zappe.

The practice offers me the application and further development of ImmunSymbiosis


This comprehensive therapeutic concept is primarily aimed at chronically ill patients with diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s disease, autism, ADD and ADHD, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome CFS, multiple chemical sensitivity, various abdominal symptoms, chronic pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, allergies, depression or with diffuse chronic symptoms that could rarely be described with one of the typical medical diagnoses.

My knowledge and energy for you


What you can expect from me

During our appointment we will work together with 100% focus on you and your history to establish an assessment of your situation. We estimate three hours for this. This is the minimum amount of time I need to deeply and comprehensively understand your personal life story, the development of your symptoms since your own pregnancy, your previous lab results and findings, as well as your life circumstances and goals.

After our joint discussion and the review of all documents, the kinesiology testing follows – always together with an assistant. This provides us with further pieces of the puzzle, which enable us to find the actual causes of your symptoms and prioritize treatments. Every patient is unique, there are neither standard diagnoses nor standard treatments.

I often additionally search medical publications in PubMed or other research libraries before arriving at a final evaluation of your case. Together we – patient and therapist – work like detectives to piece together the big puzzle and establish a treatment protocol. This not only covers the time in our practice, but also accompanies you especially in the weeks afterwards.

When you sit in front of me for the first time, you become my greatest challenge. I want to understand what has led to today’s problems, find out the real causes and, through an in-depth analysis, show you a path that, with your commitment, can lead you step by step towards hope, health and joy in life. Together we will make sure that this path is feasible for you in terms of time, energy and finances.

We are here for you


Who are our patients?

Our patients come from all walks of life and circumstances and from all over the world. What they have in common – they have been suffering for years from chronic symptoms that rarely fit into an official diagnosis and whose treatment rarely takes into account the real causes of the problem.


Often they are even classified as healthy or psychosomatically ill, treated with antidepressants or feel completely abandoned. This is difficult to bear, especially for families with affected children.


Lack of medical help brings frustration and anxiety, patients feel isolated, not taken seriously and start to search for answers and solutions themselves. Many of our patients participate in forums and support groups that help you break through the isolation.


Through these forums and support groups, patients are often directed to us as well.

Typical symptoms that our patients at the SophiaHealthInstitute in Kaufbeuren describe every day


  • exhaustion, fatigue
  • no more tolerance (even for food), no longer able to work under pressure
  • inner restlessness, tension, no phases of recovery
  • diffuse heart symptoms (stumbling, racing often with panic attacks, cardiologically without findings)
  • cognitive creeping deterioration, memory problems, difficulty finding words, concentration problems
  • intestinal inflammation and digestive problems
  • chronic dry cough, constant throat clearing
  • chronic sinusitis
  • sleep problems
  • neck problems
  • headaches
  • histamine intolerance, many allergies
  • skin problems
  • chronic bladder- prostate problems without recognizable inflammation
  • Joint inflammation
  • muscle and fascia inflammation and pain
  • neurological symptoms (tics, pain, inflammation in the nervous system)
  • frustration, depression, anxiety and panic attacks

Your way to the SophiaHealth Institute

We look forward to seeing you

Your options

You can come to Kaufbeuren for one day and book a comprehensive 3 hour appointment with Ariane Zappe, as well as an individual selection of diagnosis and treatment methods. Or you can decide to stay longer and schedule additional treatments such as MatrixTechnique Lymphatic and Connective Tissue Treatment or another appointment with Ms. Zappe.

The next steps

Please download our Potential Initial Appointment Questionnaire, fill it out and return it to us. Our Patient Representative Pamela Lecher will be happy to contact you and assist you with further decision making and scheduling your appointment with us. You can also reach Ms. Lecher by email or by phone at +49 8341 9664100.

First steps
Travel and accommodation

Find out about our location, travel options and accommodations near the admirable and historic old town of Kaufbeuren. Surrounding us is the worth seeing Allgäu with its scenic and impressive foothills of the Alps.

Travel information