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I am very happy to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested in my scientific and therapeutic work. Please register to get access to all publications, videos, powerpoints and studies. Have fun browsing! Yours, Ariane Zappe

Disclaimer and legal notice

The contents of these pages do not represent any healing statements. The diagnosis and therapy of diseases and other physical disorders requires treatment by doctors, alternative practitioners or other therapists. The information on these pages is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace medical treatment. The risk of misdiagnosis or treatment can only be reduced by consulting a therapist.

Like any science, medicine is subject to a constant process of development. Research and clinical experience expand our knowledge, especially in the field of treatment and drug therapy. As far as on these pages a certain application, dosage or a certain medical or nutritional therapeutic procedure is mentioned, no guarantee can be given. The authors expressly assume no liability for printing errors.

Each user is required to determine by careful examination and, if necessary, after consulting a specialist, whether the recommendations and guidelines given are applicable in the specific case. Any dosage, application or therapy is at the user’s own risk.