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The publishing house SophiaMed has been the publisher of Ariane Zappe’s books since 2017.

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2020 – ImmunSymbiosis for Everyone

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ISBN: 978-3-9819157-2-3

Publisher: SophiaMed
Publication date: 18.2.2020
240 Pages, Hard Cover
Selling price: € 25.-

The latest book 
My Microbes Are Me

“My Germs are Me” is an ideal introduction to the world of ImmunSymbiosis. Intended for interested people, patients, medical laymen, as well as for therapists, it gives an overview of the most important aspects of a new foundation for our medicine. Despite over 250 studies, it remains generally understandable.

We urgently need a paradigm shift regarding germs. The immune system consists of two parts that work symbiotically together, not only to maintain the organism, but above all in the quest for further development.

With the decision 150 years ago to follow Pasteur’s view and define germs as the cause of disease, the war on germs began.

Chronic diseases, which are increasing exponentially today, are based on the absence of germs, on the absence of microbial impulses for the common immune system and thus to excessive, misdirected or absent inflammatory reactions.

Scientific studies suggest that streptococci can protect us from cancer and staphylococci from multiple sclerosis. Lactic acid bacteria apparently stimulate the development of human stem cells.


Yet in our society germs are demonized as malignant and disease-causing. How does this actually fit together? Chronic diseases are increasing like an epidemic. The uncritical fight against germs has caused us a lot of problems.

Don’t we urgently need a radical rethinking of the way we deal with all germs?

No germ is evil per se. Germs, above all bacteria, viruses and retroviruses, are part of a million-year-old symbiosis in evolution. Only WITH germs we have become what we are today. Germs and humans work together symbiotically everywhere in the organism, even in the brain. It is not only about the common survival, but above all about further development. This is what I call ImmunSymbiosis.

So how can we protect and care for our germs? Prevention and treatment of chronic, neurological or neurodegenerative diseases will only succeed if humans AND germs become healthy.

Based on scientific studies, my experience from therapeutic practice, research and investigation, connections between diseases and germs appear to me in a completely new light. I would like to invite you as an interested person, affected person or therapist on a journey through the world of germs that could fundamentally change your perspective.”

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ISBN: 978-3-9819157-1-6

Publisher: SophiaMed
Publication date: 18.2.2020
256 Pages, Hard Cover
Selling price: € 25.-

2017 – The beginning of the ImmunSymbiosis

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ISBN: 978-3-989157-0-9

Publisher: SophiaMed

Publication date: 26.10.2017

384 Pages

Selling price: € 79.-

The beginning 2017

Already in our first joint book “The Biological Treatment of Lyme Disease” we describe the modulation of the immune system as a crucial step in the treatment of chronic diseases.

With this book, we extend the concept of the immune system to a complex, highly developed and highly organized interaction between microorganisms and the body’s own cells: the ImmunSymbiosis.

Both the human and microbial parts work hand in hand to not only cope with traumas, conflicts and demanding environmental stresses together, but to use them for further development.

What destroyed this symbiosis over the last 150 years? What aspects of ImmunSymbiosis are we already finding in scientific studies?

We describe ways how we can regenerate our microbiome, how we can improve the dialogue between microbiome and immune system again, how even non-integrated germs can quickly learn to become productive parts of our microbiome that work symbiotically – how we can restore and live ImmunSymbiosis.

2016 – The first book

The Biological Treatment of Lyme disease

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, born in 1950, has been researching the toxic influences from the environment on our health for his entire medical life in search of answers to the questions “Why do we get sick?” and “What makes us sick?”: heavy metals, aluminum, herbicides and radiation from mobile communications. He has long recognized that infections with Borrelia and all the associated pathogens in the system form baleful synergies with these toxic factors – because germs thrive in poisoned environments – with devastating consequences for the immune system.


His answer to this is a carefully developed, well-founded biological treatment method in 4 phases, with which he has already led many seriously ill people back to health.


Together with the therapist Ariane Zappe, he presents in this book the diverse symptomatology and its special diagnostics and therapy. In the process, a work with bold and innovative thoughts has emerged, which for doctors, therapists and medically interested readers interdisciplinary completely new, plausible connections – supported by hundreds of studies.

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ISBN: 978-3-9808972-2-8
Publisher: INK – Institute for Neurobiology according to Dr. Klinghardt GmbH
3rd revised edition 2020
390 pages
Retail price: € 69.-