Mai 3rd, 2020


Connective tissue care and weight loss


Dear patients and ImmunSymbiosis friends,

did the latest joke “How long have you been in the home office? – 6kg” hit you? I did hit me, although my 6 kg had already come up during the writing of the last book …


But one thing is now completely clear to me: THE ONE crucial organ for repair, regeneration and organ health is the connective tissue WITH its microbes. Thus, the most important microbial milieu in our body is the connective tissue microbiome. This is my new research – perhaps the most exciting of all!


So I have decided to gather everything I know to design an optimal connective tissue cure for me and lose weight again.


It works, the first 3kg are down again, my connective tissue feels better and I am full of energy again. That is why I would like to share this concept with you.


Do you feel motivated to participate? 

I look forward to success stories!


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Important Information: Covid-19 Corona Virus – Infection falls under the Infection Protection Act in Germany and may only be treated by physicians. If you suspect that you have contracted Covid-19, please contact the public health department or your family doctor by telephone. There is a treatment ban for alternative practitioners (Heilpraktiker)!

March, 31st 2020

Due to numerous inquiries I decided to summarize background and ideas for a reasonable and critical handling of disinfection, which at the same time protects our microbiomes.

As of today, SophiaViva offers a  natural disinfectant that is biodegradable: HOCL, hypochlorous acid.

In addition, two new remedies are coming into focus: Artemisia annua and zinc. I would also like to show what is behind them and how this knowledge can be used.

Virus Info 4 Disinfectants | HOCL | Artemisia | Zinc

NEW information !!!


  • Cytokine storm in severe Virus courses
  • Virus interference between flu vaccination and corona viruses

I think this information is very important. Studies that support my assessment are included as well as my thoughts on treatment strategies. 

March 27, 2020 Virus Info 3 English

NEW Information and studies about the herbs in the new VivaRespira

for prophylaxis and treatment of viral diseases of the respiratory tract

March 19, 2020 Virus Info 2 English
March 14, 2020 Virus Info 1 English

See German download page for all papers in German language.

Preface of the book “ImmunSymbiose” in German language

By restoring ImmunSymbiose of humans and microbes therapy to me restores meaning and joy of complementary medicine.

Read the preface

ImmunSymbiosis in the therapeutic everyday life

Chronic immune reactions and mild traumatic brain injury | The perfect storm

Microglia in the brain are alerted by immune reactions in the lymphatic area of the nose and throat, which leads to chronic inflammatory processes in the nervous system.


A single mild traumatic brain injury under these circumstances can trigger an immune cascade that the organism itself can neither stop nor reverse.

Protokoll Fallbeispiel dt
Sample Protocol engl
Inflammation in the jawbone | Pre- and post-treatment of the dentist appointment

In a large part of the seriously chronically ill patients, we find that the excessive immune reactions have also spread to the jawbone.


Permanent healing of these so-called NICOs succeeds more reliably with simultaneous immunomodulation.

NICO Protokoll dt
Minimum NICO Protokoll dt
Chronic immune reactions and mold

Mold and mainly its toxins are a huge irritant to the immune system.


We often see mold contamination combined with extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

Sample Protocol Infection Mold CTE engl

Scientific studies as the basis of our development

Disclaimer therapeutic contents

The contents of these pages are not medical statements. The diagnosis and therapy of illnesses and other physical disturbances requires the treatment by physicians or alternative practitioners. The information on these pages is exclusively informative and should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. The risk associated with an incorrect diagnosis or treatment can only be reduced by involving a doctor or alternative practitioner.


Like every science, medicine is subject to constant development. Research and clinical experience expand our knowledge, especially with regard to treatment and drug therapy. As far as on these sides an application, dosage or a certain medical or nourishing therapeutic procedure is mentioned, no guarantee can be taken over.


Every user is required to carefully examine and, if necessary, consult a specialist to determine whether the recommendations and standard values given are correct in the specific case. Any dosage, use or therapy is at the user’s own risk.


Why we strongly advise against self-treatment

One of the special strengths of this medicine lies in the individual treatment of each patient. The drugs, their dosage, their combinability with other drugs and the duration of use are precisely determined by ART testing. In this way, you will receive the best possible care, and any irritations or unwanted reactions will be corrected and adapted. Even with some basic knowledge, a patient cannot afford this kind of control for himself! The path via a trained therapist leads you faster and more reliably and without costly mistakes to your goal, namely to recover.